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Right Fit Services

Finding the right talent for a position is important but, making sure that the talented individual fits right into an organization is what our Right Fit Services are all about. Our office has access to targeted right fit services for its clients.


Right Fit Services available:

MRI SelecSys - Employee Assessment Tools

MRI Total Relocation Services

MRI ConferView - Videoconferencing Centers

MRI Career Pathways - Outplacement Services


SelecSys - a quick accurate tool to assess a candidate's fit into an organization. SelecSys provides a charted assessment of a candidate's personality traits, a profile of ideal traits for the position and an indication of how the candidate fits the position. SelecSys offers other features including behavioral based interview questions and a post hire feedback system to ensure that the new hire is functioning effectively in the new environment.

Total Relocation Services

  Total Relocation Services

Total Relocation Services - a comprehensive array of services are offered to every MRI client. From a detailed cost of living analysis of over 500 cities to special mortgage services and to substantially reduced moving rates. The MRI Relocation Group can make the relocation process easier for both candidate and client. A new service includes the STAR - a spouse relocation program to assist the working spouse to find a satisfying career in the new city.


ConferView - the world's largest privately-owned network of video conference facilities connects over 250 Worldwide sites. Clients save interviewing time and money with our ISDN based high resolution videoconferencing/interview system. The use of ConferView provides companies an effective and cost efficient means of bringing people together for business.
All sites are equipped with document cameras and vcrs, and are available for public use on a rental basis.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways - outplacement services that focus on building job finding skills and interviewing skills. Our outplacement clients receive videos, classroom instruction, coaching from experienced recruiters and access to industry specialist recruiters, who take a pro-active approach to finding a new position.


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